Friday, 5 March 2021


Lattice At Night
©Michael G. O'Brien 

The way I see it the photographer's 'outer' toolbox consists of equipment and technique - while the 'inner' toolbox consists of whatever internal processes support our creativity - things like grit, courage, love, inventiveness and our ability to surrender to the impersonal creative power that moves through each of us.

When this surrender happens some describe it as a state of flow or complete absorption in what we are doing - our concerns about the past and future vanish - we are completely present - this is where I want to be when working at my photography or at anything else.

These are a few of the tools I use and pathways I follow along the creative journey. When we can gather safely I will organize a workshops and some meet-ups to help people work on both inner and outer toolboxes to create a deeper experience of photography. Email me if you're you'd like to talk about this.

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