Friday, 12 February 2016


These private sessions are designed to give people constructive feedback about their photographs. The sessions are custom tailored to the individual and people at any level of photographic experience will benefit. Actually, beginners can save huge amounts of time by getting some guidance and direction for their work early on, while the more experienced can benefit from feedback by someone with a seasoned eye.
During the session we take a look at, and provide feedback on current portfolios/projects. This can involve advice on what to show, how to show it and the best way to sequence your images. We'll look deeply into individual or sequences of photos while offering comments and guidance. We can build a portfolio or series from existing work, finding hidden themes running through your photography. We can also provide solid recommendations for the final look and feel of a portfolio, printing methods and available portfolio building materials such as mat boards, mounting methods and portfolio cases. 

Alternately if you'd rather have suggestions for projects or assignments we can find what will fuel your passion for photography. Message us for more information.

Following are some words written by a client after a session. Shown in it's entirety to give a clear picture of how a review can unfold.

"Michael, that feedback session was a very helpful and stimulating discussion for me. I was feeling pretty lost with my images - happy, but stumbling around without much direction.

"Now I feel like I can see patterns in my work more clearly, and my imagination about where I can take things has been opened up wide. Now there is a direction. I can't wait to get back to work on my stuff....also, I think your suggestion to write about what’s behind my photos is another way of engaging on a deeper level, and of continuing to find the threads running through things.

"I could imagine doing another session some months down the line when I've been able to pursue a few concepts that materialized while you analyzed my photos.

"You definitely have a gift for being gentle and supportive, yet frank and very real.  You are good at helping people find or recognize their vision - I can now see how that works.  You were indeed careful not to close any doors, yet still able to draw attention to what is strongest or most original.

"Thanks so much for the follow up summary with all the informative links you emailed me today - I suspect I could use a bit of guidance when it comes to finishing and presenting my photographs." 

Katharine A.
film industry professional

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