Thursday, 10 December 2020


fine art photography, clouds, sequence, serene, powerful, meditative, trans, visionaryformative

There are many reasons to photograph what you love. It's natural, it's fun and it tends to bring out the best in us. We feel enthusiastic when we are making those kind of pictures, so resistance falls to the wayside  - we are filled with energy. If we photograph what we are truly interested in, and truly value, it brings about an alignment of creative powers within us and without. Things fall into place, we lose track of time, we become aligned with the stars - we enter into the flow

Do yourself a favour - if you want to uplift your photography, then this day, month and year, make a promise to yourself to find out what you love and start photographing it. This will deepen the relationship between yourself and everything else around you. It's a wholistic approach...a sense of fulfillment will follow. Try it.

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