Monday, 13 October 2014


allan gardens toronto, beneath the surface, fine art, surrealist photography, michael o'brien
Beneath the Surface a series by Michael G. O'Brien

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Beneath the Surface is a portfolio of images that explores the mystery that underlies everyday scenes and objects from a point of view other than ‘consensus’ reality. In some cultures what we see with the eye is only a starting point from which many meanings can be brought forward. 

This series proceeds from that simple fact; that a camera points in two directions: towards an inner and an outer reality. It seeks to discover, in the old sense of the word which derives from the Latin dis- and cooperire, meaning 'to remove the covering; completely uncover’. To see what else might exist beneath the surface of what we brush past in our daily lives. 

The ‘Allan Gardens’ part of the series is an ongoing project that I work on during walks in and around a greenhouse located in downtown Toronto. These are ‘straight’ photographs in the sense that, aside from minimal global adjustments, they have not been digitally manipulated.