Thursday, 9 February 2017


Two Worlds
Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.
This image, from near Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, was made on a special trip to honour the memory of a dear friend who lived in that community. It reminds me that some of our best work comes when we dedicate it to someone or something else. It can be an entirely internal and personal act, or it can be more public. The choice is ours.

To feel the power of dedication, try this exercise the next time you're a bit stuck or bored with your photography (or anything else) and want to go deeper. Before going out, take a minute to hold your camera and start thinking about to whom or what you might like to dedicate your photos. It can be a friend, a mentor, a hero, a value, or an idea such as 'freedom' or ' can be your pet. 

Set the intention to dedicate to them the photos from that day, week or month. The results are not always immediate; however, if you stay with this practice for awhile you may be led to make some of your deepest, most heart-felt work.

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