Friday, 13 January 2017

Albert Camus’s Beautiful Letter of Gratitude to His Childhood Teacher After Winning the Nobel Prize

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To my friend Maria Vamvalis​ -  thanks for posting this article about gratitude and the value of true mentorship. Albert Camus was a hero of mine during high school.....I read everything of his that I could get my hands on. Please follow the link for it contains the letter Camus wrote to his childhood mentor and read while accepting the Nobel Prize for Literature. The compelling letter, and feeling behind it, show why Camus was a guiding light to many, during and after WW2. It also shows why he won the Nobel Prize.

Like so many others, I could relate to Camus' story -as a child my father was absent and I also had a mentor/teacher (he was our next door neighbour) that shone a light into the dark parts of my childhood, thereby saving me - his name is George Bays Wilson. I am forever grateful to him for taking me under his wing; grateful for his adventurous, generous spirit and for sharing with me his love of nature. But more than anything I thank George, for believing in me and for showing me what a real man looks like.

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