Thursday, 1 September 2016


My passion for photography is fueled by a thirst to

explore and experience the world around me as deeply as possible. It's an inner quest that can manifest in my back yard or half-way around the world. This quest helps me to steadily develop new narratives and subject matter. 

That being said, there are themes woven through my photography. For instance, nature based work has been my main focus over the last ten years, as seen in my HORIZONS sequence which explores the elemental forces of Nature that are at work even at the edges of a big city like Toronto. Prior to that people were my main subject.

Teaching and mentoring others is equally important to me. It helps bring my creative process full circle and allows me to give something back for all the richness and meaning photography has given me; all my life I've trained and led people, in one form or another, and I love it. 

I teach privately and at a local college in downtown Toronto. My passion for teaching initially came as a surprise to me given that I'm completely self taught. But really it comes down to this; it's taken me years to learn things that could've been acquired in months with the right guidance. My goal is to help others move along the learning curve as quickly as possible. 

Whether it's delivering one-to-one training or working with groups, my approach emphasizes the ‘art of seeing’, perceptual skills, and the creative use of digital technology in pursuit of photographic expression.


  • Portraits (with digital and/or film) 
  • My photoworks as inkjet, silver or platinum prints  click here
  • Workshops (e.g. The Art of Black and White, The Photo Project)
  • Private Camera Training on any subject or technique read more
  • Private Lightroom® Training - for refining vision
  • Private Portfolio building/review sessions see more
  • Individual Creative Direction and Coaching Sessions
  • Custom Individual Mentoring Programs click here 

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