Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Private camera training lessons vary from session to session but, usually combine explanations and exercises to help deepen one's mastery of camera controls and photographic concepts thus helping you become a better photographer. This is sometimes done along with guided, focused, hands-on practice in the field and often combined with coaching on approaches, styles and individual problem spots.

Here is a few words from Mary (last name with held by request) describing her private session.

"I have known Michael over several years, having taken two photography courses with him, and recently reconnecting when I signed up for one of his private camera training sessions in preparation for a wedding shoot. In fact my first wedding shoot.

"Michael is patient teacher; knowledgeable and passionate about his subject, he clearly approaches it on a deep level that comes from experience. I have always been impressed with the way he pursues his craft, searching it out broadly through exposure to art, film and through his clear love of interacting, teaching, and sharing with others.

"On the wedding prep outing he introduced me to the concept of location portraiture in open shade. He also pointed out that, no, you don't always want the sun behind you, you want it behind your subject (when shooting in bright sunlight). His attention to the particulars of my shoot was marked and I was, again, impressed with the urgency he clearly felt about me nailing down several issues before the shoot.

"After watching Michael, I can see that in addition to helping others he is committed to steadily improving his own understanding of photography. This dedication translates to and permeates his teaching and lends itself to an environment that is truly conducive to learning. It has been a pleasure having the chance to look at photography together with Michael." 

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