Monday, 25 February 2019

THE POWER OF LIGHT COURSE - some comments by students

“Michael O’Brien’s “The Power of Light” course gave me a deep appreciation how important the elements of light and exposure are to photography.  Michael taught me how to seek out interesting light and use it properly in my composition. Now my photos have more emotional and visual impact.”…….from Lee-Ann Richer  

“I really like the structure of the lessons and the examples that you show us to help us understand the concepts. I also like the assignments. After the shadow and reflection assignments it made me look differently at incorporating these details to make a more interesting picture. I'm a "big" picture person and don't focus on the little details but it made me realize that these things can make a picture more interesting. So I'm enjoying the content, the context you provide via examples and on-site shooting with all the tips you provide.” …….. from Priscilla Yu

An excerpt from a letter to GBC administrators:
“I especially wanted to mention how much I enjoyed the Power of Light course. The material taught in this course is critical for any photographer to understand. It is not limited to any specific type of photography. Understanding light is vital in any photographic situation. It is for this reason I feel very strongly that this course should be a required course for the program. I can't imagine anyone completing the current requirements, and attaining the certificate without ever having taken a course dedicated to understanding light and then calling themselves a photographer.”……..from Deepak Verma

“Hi Michael - thank you for the great course you gave on the Power of Light. It really helped me understand the potential of light in photography, and how to deal with light in the digital age.
   The course was a great motivator to get out and shoot pictures - it really gave me an opportunity to experiment and grow as a photographer, all under your expert guidance.
   It was clear to me that you have great passion for your craft and I found that contagious.  I know it is important to share the experience and expertise in photography that you have, and the passion that you show. There are lots more photographers out there who can benefit from your great POL course.”
from Mike Campbell

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