Saturday, 5 August 2017

F.A.Q. What kind of photography do you do?

Lake Ontario
©Michael G. O'Brien 2017

Some of the most FAQs I get in Toronto are: 

1. What do you do? 
     answer - photographer

2. What kind of photography do you do?  
     answer - that depends

There's many projects going at any given time - often in different genres of photography. Some on the back burner, some on the front. Some that make money, some that might. I love photographing WATER. It's alive, ever-moving, ever-changing. Shorelines are boundaries and edges where two worlds overlap, blend and create a third. Where do humans belong in this?
The photo above is the result of my ongoing exploration of the Lakeshore in Toronto - it's a long term project that's already resulted in a whole series. Click to see series. Thanks for looking. 

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