Monday, 6 June 2016

LATIN AMERICA IN BLACK AND WHITE no.15 - Living treasures of the Pelourinho

People are the main reason that Latin America attracts me. Along the way, good fortune has been with me, allowing me to meet fascinating people at every step. When time is limited and a place is totally new to me, I hire a guide to lead the way. As fate would have it Francois Duc, a local guide extraordinaire, connected with me and made my stay in Bahia productive. For instance, we met Ascendinha (below) while exploring the inside of an old cathedral where we found a passageway into the bowels of the huge structure. The back basement wall had crumbled and opened up to a view of the Bay of All Saints. This is where Ascendinha had lived for the past twenty years. She was in her 90's, was sharp minded and friendly. She gave me permission to make these pictures.

Ascendinha, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
©Michael G.O'Brien

Ascendinha's livingroom,
Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil
©Michael G.O'Brien

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